India to Canada Direct flights are Acceptable to continue

September 29 2021

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India to Canada Direct flights are Acceptable to continue 

Direct flights from India to Canada will likely continue from September 27. The progressing flight ban, which has been input due to the COVID-19, would be lifted as it were on the basis of the results of COVID-19 tests that will be conducted on entry in Canada on travellers travelling from New Delhi. The Canadian Government issued an explanation expressing, “As a to begin with a step, on Wednesday (Sept 22), three direct flights from India will arrive in Canada and all travellers on these flights will be tested for COVID-19 upon entry to guarantee that the new measures are working.

  1. The Canada Government’s explanation also included, “After the resume of direct flights, passengers who are eligible to enter Canada who depart India for Canada through an indirect route will proceed to be required to get, inside 72 hours of flight, a substantial negative Covid-19 test from a third nation – other than India ahead proceeding their travel to Canada.

  1. They will need to take a test for COVID-19 from the Canada-approved and will as it was be permitted to board the plane in case their result is negative.